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July 13, 2010

Air France Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Bomb Threat

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It now appears that an Air France passenger jet that was on it way from Rio to Paris had to make an emergency landing in northeastern Brazil with 405 passengers. This emergency landing was called into affect due to a bomb threat. However, the plane was cleared to take off again Sunday night after no explosive was found on the plane.

All of the 405 passengers and 18 crew members were safely evacuated from the Air France Flight 443 when it made its emergency landing on Saturday night. The bomb threat itself was phoned in to Rio’s international airport by a female voice about 30 minutes after the plane took off. The control tower then contacted the jet, and the decision was made to land in Recife.

An Air France spokesman in Paris, Jerome N’Guyen, did go on to confirm a full inspection of the plane had been completed. He said that nothing suspicious had been found. Passengers were taken to a nearby hotel until the plane took off again.

According to an Air France spokesman, the delay in this plane’s departure from the northeastern city of Recife was necessary due to regulations requiring the crew to receive a certain amount of rest. However, the spokesman did not go into much detail, because he was not authorized to discuss the matter.

A spokeswomen with the Brazilian government’s airport authority, Solange Aregenta, said that Sunday the authorities inspected the Air France plane and all of its luggage. There were no explosives found on the plane. A spokesman for Air France did say that the take off from Recife was re-scheduled for 8:10pm local time.


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