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June 25, 2010

Runway will soon get taxiway lights

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MUMBAI: After a series of runway incursions and power failure on the runway and taxiway lights, Mumbai International Airport (MIAL) has finally agreed to install taxiway lights on the secondary runway (14-32).

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) recommended that MIAL install these lights after an incursion by an Indigo flight almost a month ago. The flight had come into a collision path with an approaching Jet Airways flight. The collision was averted after the Jet Airways pilot did a go-around instead of landing.

An MIAL spokesperson said that the taxiway lights will be installed by next month. “We have agreed in principle to install the lights. The work is likely to be completed by next month,’’ the spokesperson said. The secondary runway at Mumbai airport is also, at times, used as a taxi path for flights going towards the main runway. However, while the nature of operations was being changed, the runway only had yellow runway lights signaling active flight operations.

“The distinction was made by the ATC officials who guided the aircraft to its takeoff point. However, the room for error in that case always remains, an official said. Usually, all tracks are distinguished from the runway by the blue lights installed on them.

“If the blue lights are used on secondary runway, the pilots will automatically know when it is functioning as a runway or a taxi path, an official said.A computer screen has also been installed in the ATC tower to monitor runway and taxiway lights. The screen will keep an eye on the lights and will alert in case of a circuit failure in part of the airport. The screen was installed last week.

Though, new cables have been laid, almost 25% of the work is still undone. It is likely to be completed in about a months.


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