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June 5, 2010

Mumbai-Pune AI plane: snag detected on landing

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The Dubai-bound flight was delayed by over 5 hrs and then cancelled, leaving 136 passengers stranded at Pune airport

Nightmare for passengers of Air India Express flights refuses to end. On Friday, an Air India Express flight was halted and later cancelled leaving over 136 passengers stranded at the Pune Airport.

The Mumbai-Pune-Dubai flight IX211 that came to Pune from Mumbai around 3.40 pm was scheduled to leave for Dubai at 4 pm. The flight was delayed by half an hour initially after the authorities detected a ‘technical fault’ in the flight. After making the passengers wait for over five hours, the flight was cancelled and the passengers were told to return home. Two of the passengers who got in at the Mumbai airport in order to fly to Dubai were made to sit in the flight for over six hours.

“We waited at the airport for over five hours. Initially, they delayed the flight by half an hour. Till about 5.30 we were getting updates on the display board but after that the information about the flight just stopped appearing. Some of the staff members told us that the flight came from Mumbai to Pune on just one propeller. Apparently, the pilot was willing to take off for Dubai, it was the engineers who detected that the flaps of the flight were damaged and that the sensors were not working,” said Arun Ramaswamy, one of the passengers at the Pune airport.


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